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Why would they* lie?

How would the parasitic, predator class benefit from convincing us that we live on a spinning, wet ball that zooms through a massive vacuum & not on a stationary, level plane created just for us?

*including those who operate so-called “Flat Earth Society” which exists only to dissuade individuals from further investigation

One of many illustrations of what our stationary, level-plane Earth might look like (artist unknown)

by Andeé Sea Cae Jak & [insert co-author]  on April 10, 2022 (last revision: 20221205 04:58 e.s.t.)

While expressing my belief that our Earth is a level plane and not a spinning planet on Twitter @ghoppe asked the question:

“What’s the purpose of this deception? Why would they bother to continue this charade for over half a century? What possible purpose could it serve?”

In no particular order:

  1. Feeling infinitesimally small compared a “vast universe” could result in a person having no sense of purpose and/or the feeling that their life is meaningless: the onset of depression could lead to any number of coping mechanisms including, but not limited to:
    • the consumption of “anti-depressants”/psychotropics which numb one’s emotions,
    • the over-consumption of alcohol,
    • drug addiction,
    • –,
    • — and
    • –.

    all which move money away from the depressed person and into the hands of the pharmaceutical INDUSTRY, the consumer discretionary INDUSTRY and/or the illegal substances (under-the-table) INDUSTRY.

  2. Like military spending, to siphon the money out of our pockets in order to place it into theirs.
  3. The Entertaining Distraction: how differently would people spend their time if they realized ….
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NASA mocks our collective ignorance with its semi-transparent moon … (

… and its “live” NASA feed where His Earth never rotates: the graphic designs just re-produce the clouds now & then. (

There is a group of individuals who post on Twitter who believe that His Earth is a sphere. Their reasons are:

  1. As stated by Twitter user @thefebuster, a sunset can be witnessed twice: first by viewing it while standing on the ground and then by viewing it atop a 6-foot ladder. (link to video) aka you can view the sun longer when at a higher altitude.
  2. According to Twitter user @Michael94173566:
    1. A flight from Buenos Aires to Darwin goes over Antartica. (image)
    2. Regardless of where on His Earth one is situated, our view of the moon differs only in its “2-dimensional” 3600 rotation.  (image)
  3. According to @globalist13903 , “curvature” is evidenced
  4. According to @rattata21216 , it’s easy to show that His Earth is a sphere.   (4 images) 
  5. According to @radixcomet , it has been proven that mass attracts mass (Wikipedia page that supports this statements is here.)
  6. @Anti-Psychopath states that there is a photo of the round earth which can be authenticated against other real footage via a process that can be repeated as often as necessary. For evidence, this image was provided.
  7. @FringeRadioNetwork claims that Earth is a sphere because gravity pulls all things in all directions equally towards the center of mass. Anything with a mass of the Earth has to be a sphere: it has no choice.
  8. According to @cappsie , someone named Dave who claims to be a professor (but is not), says so here , here, here and here. (When pressed, @cappsie could not identify any valid reason for his deception regarding his not actually being a professor: “[Lots of people lie.]“, he says.) @cappsie then went on to insist that I review not-a-professor’s academic credentials. So, I did:
    • He has an undergrad in chemistry & bailed on a Masters degree: link & screenshot.

Illustration provided by Twitter user @KevVR6

Biblical support for the Heliocentrists

(none available at present)

Other individuals who have realized our Earth is flat:



  1. Conspiracy Music Guru with music video “No Photographs of Earth!
  2. Coolest couple in Maine, USA: “Toadhouse 7 Homestead


  1. realflynrobertcormac
  2. NASA: “Larry, Curly & Mo”



“How do I know our Earth is a level plane?”

I didn’t, until January 2022: I thought that His Earth was a spinning sphere like most people. I was more focused on intelligent design: was it with or without evolution. Then, a Christian whom I respect posted her views on the shape of the earth and that got me thinking. It didn’t hurt that I already knew how corrupt our world truly is and understood the wickedness that accompanies sociopathy. (Locally, I’m entering my TENTH year attempting to divorce a sociopath (John Kiska) who has leveraged a massive white-, blue-, thug-collar crime ring to rip me from the lives of my beautiful teens, Sean and Cate Kiska.* 


One of many level-plane maps (artist unknown)

*Discovering that a local chapter of Canada’s Temple of Satan recently opened in Ottawa did nothing to eliminate my suspicions.

I assessed many videos/documents that revealed the WEF’s New World Order (“NWO”) goals regarding trans-humanism, de-population, devolution and/or the enslavement of humanity. Some, I was smart enough to record before they were deleted: others are, sadly, already scrubbed from the internet.

“How despicable is Klaus Schwab & his World Economic Forum?”

(Insert Agenda 21 goals)

Update draft template re:  Klaus Schwab 

I was then convinced that the Earth being presented as a sphere was a TOTAL HOAX. Since that time, I’ve tripped over other Twitter accounts that openly discuss their knowledge of Earth being a stationary, level plane and post non-“Flat Earth Society” material.


Though not an exhaustive list, people who have realized that the sphere is the parasitic, predator class’s biggest lie ever claim the following:

  1. The “[Laws of Perspective” are responsible for how we view the sun, the moon and the stars.
  2. Re-fuelling stops on long-distance flights are illogical when reviewed using a spherical model.
  3. There is no evidence of curvature.
  4. Images of a sphere do not equate to evidence of a sphere: there are no photographs or other actual recordings that aren’t Photoshop or CGI.
  5. Mass attracting mass, if true, does not address the shape of the Earth.
  6. Link to page re: Not-A-Space-Agency‘s Photography, Photoshop, Green Screen & CGI bloopers which are too numerous to post here.
  7. By observing the various depths of contained water, one can see that gravity does not “pull all things equally towards the center of mass”: a simple home example is here.)
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NASA “Astronauts” and their interview after allegedly “landing on the moon”.

Videos that were not produced by anyone involved with the so-called “Flat Earth Society”:

  • “200 Proofs Earth is not a Spinning Ball” by Eric Dubay is here. (He also de-bunks fake “professor Dave’s” rebuttal here.)
  • “Moon Speeds are Ridiculous” by Eric Dubay is here.
  • “A Look at Flat Earth” by High Impact Flix is here.
  • “DITRH” with SpaceShot76 is here.
  • (insert presentation by FName LName from convention)
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  • A fascinating multi-media presentation (subtitled) “Universelle Offenlegung remaster / compl.” by T.A.R.T.A.R.I.A.:
  • Freemason reveals and explains the shape of the Flat Earth:
  • Canadian Prime Ministers tirades about the danger of sharing beliefs about the shape of the Earth early in March 2023 (just before he jams through censorship bill, Bill C11):
  • Toadhouse7 Homestead 20230330 YouTube video: 

Biblical support for the Geocentrists

One of many level-plane maps (artist unknown)

(20221210) A special thanks to Paul at TNT Teaching Needs Truth (TNT Teaching Needs Truth) for providing the Scripture (45 verses) that he’s found & sharing it via his Twitter* account:

2Co 2:11    Ro 3:4    Ro 1:20    2Co 4:4    1Ti 6:20    Isa 22:18    Isa 40:22    Job 38:13-14    Isa 66:1    Jer 23:23-24    Ps 33:13-14    Job 28:24    Ge 1:6-7    Ps 136:6    Ps 148:3-4    Jer 10:13    1Ch 16:30    Ge 15:12    Eph 4:26    Isa 60:20    Job 9:7    Jos 10:12-14    2Ki 20:8-11    1Sa 2:8    Isa 48:13    Job 26:10    Job 37:18   1Co 13:12    Eze C?:V4-5?    Eze C?:V22?    2Co 3:18    Rev 4:6    Job 38:30    Ps 150:1    Isa 44:24    Isa 40:15    Isa 42:5    Isa 52:10    Job 38:4-5    Jer 31:37    Job 37:10    Job 9:10    Isa 11:12    Rev 21:15-17    Ps 119:16    


*Hope Elon doesn’t notice your account, Paul!

Illustration provided by Twitter user @Oncebittentwic8

Top 10 reasons why feeling soul-less benefits the parasitic, predator class

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Understanding the parasitic, predator class

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