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Province of Ontario’s running tab: $3,000,000+

Once the Access to Information (“ATIP”) results arrive, we will post exactly how much money the Ontario taxpayer has unwittingly spent to assist in ONE case of domestic violence and child abuse.


We will then extrapolate from this example to estimate how much money we are likely spending to fund multiple narcissistic spouses across the province as well as:

The Prison Industry, The Ottawa Pipeline & The Ottawa Ticket


Accordingly, any amounts shown are very estimates only.


Could this money be better spent on solving Ottawa’s affordable housing crisis?


We think so.


So, once this is all over, SAQOTU Inc. shall sue the Province of Ontario for the amount that we have all contributed to support Kiska’s abuse of my children and me. Then, we will donate the net proceeds to fund shelters so that when victims of domestic violence (or society in general) find themselves homeless, they will not need to sleep on the street.


It seems like a stupid way to BALANCE a provincial budget, but if THAT IS THE WAY THAT DOUG FORD WANTS IT! then I guess that is the way it has to be.


Let’s get Ontario …

*under-estimated: (insert link to running tab)

Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario) $xx,xxx,xxx?

During summer of 2019 , a 53 year-old, professional mother of two intentionally disobeyed an illegally-obtained, CAS-constructed, child-abusing court order so that her vulnerable children could hear her voice for the first time in six months (since the CAS performed its warrantless, unlawful child apprehension with the assistance of three OPS officers following the request of her narcissistic ex).

Also, add link to the civil action related to the Office of the Children’s Lawyer


Ministry of Attorney General (Canada)


Insert link to page of crooked judges


Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services $xx,xxx,xxx?

Link to details of scam/fraud that exploits the Financial Responsibility Office, explore Victim Services


Ministry of Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness $xx,xxx,xxx?

Link to OPS and OIPRD


Ministry of Health $xx,xxx,xxx?

link to MHCC, ROMHC and taxpayer-funded, for profit TOH


Superior Court of Justice

Civil court

$5,000 and counting

Superior Court of Justice

Divisional court

$1,000 and counting

Superior Court of Justice

Small Claims court

$1,000 and counting


Superior Court of Justice

$30,000 and counting

Family Court

Superior Court of Justice

$20,000 and counting

Family Court – CYFSA


Ontario Court of Justice


Ottawa Police Services

$xxx,xxx and counting


link to x reports + audio

The Office of the Independent Police Review Directorate (“OIPRD”)

??? Despite evidence provided, complaint screened out and file closed. UNBELIEVABLE!

Niagara Falls Regional Police Services

$xxx,xxx and counting


link to x reports + audio


Legal Aid Ontario


what .. a .. racket

(hiring REM journalists soon, hopefully)

Law Society of Ontario


what .. a .. racket

(hiring REM journalists soon, hopefully)

Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre


(95 days x $400/day)

Central East Correctional Centre


(21 days x $500/day)

Vanier Women’s Correctional Centre


(3 days x $500/day)

Elizabeth Fry Society

$3,800 and counting

(76 days x $50/day)

The John Howard Society

(Word Play?)

The Ottawa Food Bank

$1,900 and counting

(76 days x $?25?/day)

Dear OFB: This is due to the court-approved, below-poverty-level, spousal support of $1,230/month following unobstructed perjury, slander/libel, etc. by former spouse and his lawyer. I am sorry for eating your food and I hope to pay you back one day.

Office of the Children’s Lawyer

$90,000 and counting

Superior Court of Justice: Family Branch CYFSA

$xx,000 and counting

Family Court, the “Child Protection” edition AKA Circumvent the evidence contained in the three-year, eleven-volume divorce file by simply asking CAS Ottawa to open a new file under a false premise of “child protection”, commit perjury and defamation and fabricate evidence to get sole custody and access of your children. The judge won’t even blink.

The Ottawa Hospital


Inspired by research. Driven by compassion. Owned by a real estate investment firm.

l’Hopital Suroit


FYI: Detained by Quebec “psychiatrist” Dr. Paule Kemgni for 21 days in order for her and her hospital to bill Ontario for an NCR report based ENTIRELY on the hearsay of narcissistic ex. NCR report ignored by judge as I was not guilty of anything. (In other words, fully acquitted following six weeks of prison/psych ward time.)





Consent & Capacity Board


Montfort Hospital


Queensway-Carleton Hospital


Royal Ottawa Mental Health Services


Its 20200505 psychiatric assessment is the Crown’s greatest piece of fiction submitted to the SCJ thus far!!

Mental Health Commission of Canada

$100 (SPARK application rejected)