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January 20, 2023

Someone else is just starting the parental alienation journey in Ontario; so, I thought I’d summarize some of the ways that corruption in Family Court plays via a 30-minute video that describes some of the shenanigans of the crooked judges here.

I built a new Social Media & Interviews page here.

See below re: yesterday’s activities to document the sick&twisted hit plan.


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Yesterday, I dissected/labelled most of the “20230117 interview” so people wouldn’t have to endure all of my rambling responses. I also asked an important question on Twitter: who was responsible for planning a sick&twitsted hit with me … just before my interview? (Oh, how they would love to induce another psychotic break. They get me in there one more time, I’ll never be the same.) Nice try boys. And, thanks for helping me to put my guard back up.


Today’s minutes—of pfi.ROCKS Archives!—are dedicated to my beautiful children,Sean & Cate (still with LName of Kiska), who have been denied my love and protection for three years, 11 months and 20 days as I enter my TENTH year attempting to divorce their father, John Kiska, an undiagnosed malignant narcissist/sociopath who is connected to a massive white-, blue-, thug-collar crime syndicate with ties to international human targeting & trafficking. (see Swimlanes)