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What’s up with all the Unicorns?

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Are they a symbol of some Anti-Christ?

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by Andeé Sea Cae Jak (mmmm dd, yyyy)

Relatively new to being a follower of Christ, I had no idea that there would be unicorns in the Bible. I certainly don’t remember hearing anything about them as a child with the little bit of exposure to His Word that I did get. I do know for a fact, however, that the Lord’s Prayer did not refer to debtors and debts: it referred to trespassers and trespass[ing]!

Alas, there are now unicorns mentioned.

The word “unicorn” appears in the King James Version nine times – in Numbers 23:22 and 24:8, Deuteronomy 33:17, Job 39:9,10, Psalms 22:21, 29:6 and 92:10 and in Isaiah 34:7 … so far.

Introduce work-in-progress article on Supernatural Changes.






(Insert fun comment for top Ottawa-based, human rights/criminal defence attorneys Michael Spratt and Paul Champ)!!

Some have begun to suggest the Bibles have been so compromised that new followers of Christ shouldn’t even read it as the truth is being twisted into (insert phrase of choice). As a newbie, I disagree; however, there are certainly some risks to not being aware of the changes being made and pontificating on the reasons why. Here are other resources for anyone else exploring His Word for the first time:

Resources that explore supernatural changes to the Bible

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 The text in image below reads …

The attributions given to the horn in regards to virility and the capacity to purify are related to the image of the Unicorn as the “Bridegroom King” of Israel* (Rev 19:11-21), of the lineage of King David and heir to the Bible’s promises made by Yahweh that his descendants would rule forever. The truth that Jesus was fully human, a husband and father, was denied by the tradition of the medieval Roman Church that Jesus was the celibate son of God, ruling with power and might from a throne in heaven. The “waters of spirit and truth” which were to have flowed through the Christian realm, nurturing the land and people, had been tragically distorted and perverted. Only the “horn” of the Unicorn (the symbol for his virility) could purify the polluted waters. 👀 

Images, text and article links provided by Twitter user @TRKShaddy & her original thread starts here.

(20230410 11:26)  Article “UNICOIN—a global, legal tender settlement CBDC—unveiled at IMF Spring Meetings 2023 by Jordan Finneseth(20180712)

(20180712) Article “Trump riding a Unicorn over a Rainbow” from BBC

What gave King Charles such “great pleasure” at the 2022 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony?

Screenshot from satanic 2022 Opening Ceremony

  • Search for “Birmingham 2022 Opening Ceremony” find some pretty in-your-face satanic ritual footage. 
  • Link to suggestion re: Charles, Gematria & 666 provided by list of articles
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What exactly is “King Charles”?



Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

What does “King Charles”‘ Coat of Arms represent?

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  1. Wiki as of 20230422: Mon Dieu and mon Droit (on the British Coat of Arms)
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