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Is The BORING Company Boring?

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Why is this project within Mr. Mussssssk’s current portfolio ?

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Not yet a follower of Christ, I had no idea why I was being shown the evil that I was shown during my travels from February 2019-September 2020. (At the time, I believed that the guidance was being provided by some “Cosmic Consciousness“: silly me.)

Regardless, in February 2020, my travels brought me to Little Rock, Arkansas where I saw a few things that struck me as … odd.

This piece of art was one of them; and, it got me thinking about how else the parasitic-predator class might be planning to torture us for pleasure and/or profit.



The other was an advertisement for a casino. There was a ton of imagery that bothered me in this tourist guide that I flipped through over breakfast; but, this one bothered me most.

Why? Well, because I always wondered why taxpayer-funded, for-profit hospital (The Ottawa Hospital) would invest hundreds of thousands of dollar to literally re-build the bottom half of Karen Toop who was, effectively, cut in half by an Ottawa City snow plow in 2012.*


(March 2019) Photograph “Ornament on Display”, Little Rock, Arkansas hotel

(March 2019) Photograph “Ar-Can-Saw”, from a tourist magazine; Little Rock, Arkansas

*How do I know all of the details of Karen’s “recovery? The $1M+ home that my impossible-to-divorce, sociopath ex John Kiska is currently living in is nearby, Karen’s mum (“BK”) worked with my mum at the Canadian Medical Association and I shovelled BK’s driveway and brought her homemade meals so she could spend her days at the hospital to keep up Karen’s spirits as she endured the horrific ordeal.

Why is Mr. Mussssssk really interested in battery-powered EVs?


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Wouldn’t Satan just love to create his own version of hell … on earth?

Link to 2020 photograph of General Motors HQ, Detroit, Michigan (re: thermal energy)

20230424 Screenshot from 

20230424 Screenshot from 

(Insert fun comment for top Ottawa-based, human rights/criminal defence attorneys Michael Spratt and Paul Champ)!!

Introducing … Soul Never Meek & his swissssss roots.

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What you need to know about the “Emojis of Solomon”

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Corruption Contest #1A: When will the Spherical Hoax be Revealed?

Could an expansive network of waterproof piping facilitate the free-flow of water, gruel, sewage/waste, oil/gas and cables?

United Nation’s Logo (aka FE map) with 5 Olympic rings displayed differently

Sculpture erected in front of United Nations HQ, Dec ’21 

Some allege this display is intended to make a mockery of the Book of Daniel 7:2-4 and other scripture: it has since been removed.

Screenshot of the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony overseen by King Charles III

What’s up with all the Unicorns?

Why did the Opening Ceremony for the Gothard Base Tunnel seem like a Satanic Ritual?

aka demonic

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What is the true Revenue Model for Mr. Mussssssk’s Twitter?

20230423 “Epiphany while in Spaces” by @CaeJak

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Understanding the parasitic-predator class: resources

July 19, 2019 Photograph “Ottawa War Memorial” by Andeé Sea Cae Jak ©SAQOTU Inc.


Meet Deirdre Moore (pen name:  Andeé Sea Cae Jak ): advocate to end #TDVCA … and other evils that currently exist.