King Charles III’s Province of Ontario: Ministry of Health

Do Canadian “healthcare” services first create demand … and then supply (to fuel the economy)?

(ie. for Maximus Inc. shareholders such as Ontario Teachers’ Pension PlanPicton Mahoney Asset Management & more?)

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In a nutshell:

  1. Describe how MHCC drives policy and link to related govt-funded “services”, agencies and “NFPs”.
  2. Link to MCCSS
  3. Link to MAG
  4. Link to 




Alas, the capital of Canada takes full advantage of “community policing” (or what is commonly referred to as gang-stalking) to silence anyone attempting to expose its Satanic Cesspool of crime and corruption. An excellent introduction to gang-stalking is available in this 30-minute video.

As well as publishing a draft of the Ottawa Swimlanes, in January 2023, I began to publish …





20231103 screenshot of work-in-progress Third-party Records page that will evidence how our healthcare system is involved in organized crime including, but not limited to Torture, Trafficking and Terrorism. 

“What will it take to …?” 

“Which jurisdiction will ensure that …?” 

Satanic Cesspool’s sick&twisted 666 logo

2019 photograph of Ottawa’s sick&twisted war memorial (profile)

It’s not as if none of these so-called “healthcare” providers didn’t have any evidence:

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These elected politicians aren’t just willfully blind, they’re complicit.

On 20yymmdd, I cc’d ….


The pdf version of this 20230126 e-mail is viewable here.