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last updated 20231201 23:56 e.s.t.

  • 20231201 HH:MM Still at the Niagara Regional Hospital, my possessions and evidence remaining stolen, I offered the Executive Director of the YWCA the opportunity to return my belonging and reduce the damage award that would be seeking from them.
  • 20231201 20:40 Began to draft my amended statement of claim against the NRPS and intend to double the quantum sought to $6.8+ M.
  • 20231201 20:12 Phoned 2-1-1 to attempt to reach CASO so they could retrieve all of my personal items that were left at the shelter. Note that this cop-enabled theft is an modem operandi for the cop-shelter racket. Team NRPS-OPSB used the exact same strategy in 2020 when they separated me from everything that I owned. See para. 
  • 20231201 16:27 Now I am on the phone attempting to speak with the supervisor for NRPS’s Briggs (badge #9766) as he is refusing to record my complaint of criminal harassment and torture.
  • 20231201 16:10 Now they are discharging me for “not cooperating with their program” by not looking for housing. More BS: onsite housing asked if I was interested in moving to an onsite room and I applied on 20231126.
  • 15:37 I called NRPS to let them know that NRPS had arrived; however, they were not speaking with me. They were speaking with the YWCA advocates!
  • 20231201 15:xx:
  • 20231201 05:07 I have not yet received anything in writing. I suspect she is phoning NRPS to have have me removed. 
  • 20231201 14:55 Advocate Tiera stated that if I did not hand over my computer, then I would be discharged. I informed Tiera that I would like this “new policy”/direction in writing. I also informed her that her direction, under the circumstances, amounted to extortion.
  • 20231201 10:00 received inconsistent instructions from Cathleen about my ability to access/use my own computer and requested this “new policy” to be:
    • confirmed in writing
    • sent to me by e-mail

I also informed Cathleen that she was causing heightened anxiety (ie. emotional suffering and mental harm) as I needed to start three appeals during December as well as attempt to move the divorce file and the existing unlawful Probation Order amended; as well as prepare for a 20230104 Motion AND serve my action against the Ministry of the Attorney General.

  • 20231201 08:00 I received permission from shelter staff Cathleen to remove computer from storage
  • 20231130 After returning from busy day which included service of my action action NRPS:
    • shelter staff, Tiera & Sharday (SP?) insisted that the desk be removed from my shared room and that my desktop be put into their storage facility and
    • I learned that Ontario Works dropped my financial assistance to the bare minimum (less payback from 2020-21): $325.85. Note that all of the hard evidence against Ottawa’s #TDVCA Municipal Mafia is stored at Dymon Storage $118.xx/mo. and my Microsoft subscription is due: $125xx). FUN TIMES! More evidence of life as a whistle-blower is viewable at Ontario Works


YWCA Intake Form – blank & signed

YWCA Guest Guidelines

Ontario Works:

Link to Niagara Regional Police

Link to Ottawa Police

Link to Ottawa’s Harmony House Executive Director & Legal Aid-positioned #TDVCA lawyer, Leighann Burns

Link to Ottawa Victim Services

Link to Newfoundland Social Assistance: enabler of fraud & complicit in #TDCVA

Link to Royal Newfoundland Constabulary: enabler of fraud/theft & complicit in #TDVCA

Link to presentation re: Doug Ford’s Symbiotic Economy

Draft cover and draft chapter illustration 1.01

Think that is bad? Wait until you learn the rest of what our municipal, provincial and federal governments have planned for you:

Excerpt from Canada’s Bank Act S. 21(1) Sunset Provision and the end of Canadian banks by 20250630

There’s much, much more at Canada, exposed; but, you may want to have a mug of peppermint tea … or your favourite CNS-depressant of choice while you digest the material linked to that article. 

Perhaps, wrap your head around this over-simplified overview first:

Draft cover and draft chapter illustration 2.01

Then, add in the civil court run-around or, as I like to call it, New Age Trafficking (for pleasure and profit) and know that your elected municipal officials are complicit as well:

Undated photo of [my former] Ottawa’s Councillor Riley Brockington who supports taxpayer-funded domestic violence and child abuse (#TDVCA)

Brockington’s 20230804 e-mail to me and Brockington’s extremely misleading online persona.

Then, add in participation by unions; and, realize that you could easily be the next:

Laura Fougeres,


Sue Sproule or … 


Sean Hartman:

20231119 photo of the YWCA Women’s Shelter signage, Niagara Falls by Andeé Jak, SAQOTU Inc.


A. Not on:

  1. any meaningful meal preparation facilities for their “on-site” “clients” who are charged whatever Ontario Works pays (ie. $600/month) and don’t even have a stove top or a kitchen sink.
  2. x
  3. meeting any legitimate health inspection: they do, however, pay for rat traps and removal (unless those services are “donated”). 
  4. any meaningful nutrition (eg. if a local casino hasn’t donated anything, they’ll serve toxic Kraft dinner to residents. (I was informed that kitchen staff claimed their budget was $0.35/day/client; however, I had no way to confirm this during my 2-month stay or
  5. any of the services they claimed to offer as of 20231202 00:26 e.s.t.:
    • “Empower women and families to become self-sufficient,
    • Give support to women trying to rebuild their lives,
    • Provide high quality programs and care for children,
    • Provide educational, career, and leadership programs for teens,
    • Continue in our efforts to eliminate racism”;

or, at least nothing remotely close to that in my two experiences.

(evidence of fraud as of 20231202 00:26)

B. But; on:

  • a (likely) very expensive kitchen renovation
  • x
  • x
  • and (likely) legal counsel for civil actions including, but not limited to …. mine for $X,XXX,XXX

C. And, it remains unconfirmed:

  1. whether or not this “shelter” is even a registered charity. The closest one I found was YWCA Canada (#888789393 RR 0001); whereas, this place only lists business number 108229816RR0001.

whereas, this place only lists a business number (ie. 108229816RR0001). With whom are they registered and why isn’t that registration number on their site?

Bing says “BN 108229816RR0001 is a registered charity in Canada. It belongs to The Young Women’s Christian Association of St.Catharines. The organization is a part of a national and worldwide movement that provides shelter, food, and assistance to women, children, and families struggling with poverty and homelessness across the Niagara region. The organization is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and has been issued a charitable registration number. You can donate to this charity online through CanadaHelps.

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Protest Sign #1

A Protest or a Hunger Strike?

The last time I  protested was from the horror that is the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, Ontario. I went six days without food and three days without water in order to be transferred back to the far less horrific Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre operated by Ontario Inc.

It is true that your vitals start to drop significantly after 72 hours without water. Anyhow, tired of explaining to guards why I was hunger striking while in jail where nobody cared, I had a note copied so they could simply read in themselves. The note was filed as “Why am I Protesting? at item 1(ds) and included in my 2019 Mail Campaign.

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Protest Sign #2