The “Hindsight is 20-20” Planned Joke 

Level 1 to 5: escalating in wickedness


Discuss the use of anagrams by each and every group/level: sociopaths LOVE anagrams, as well as sticking out their tongues in the most bizzarest and/or creative of ways. (It’s a thing: trust me. When you see commas misplaced in written correspondence, they are sticking their tongue out at you.) They cannot help themselves from saying “Good Luck” in just-the-not-quite-right tone at every opportunity. Or, again, placing good luck inappropriately in correspondence.

What they do not seem remotely cognizant of is the fact that, like in the animal kingdom, there is a “food chain”. Sister-in-law said to me “I have a soul. I am a good person.” I suppose that she has convinced herself of that because she has not physically harmed anyone. So, she would be near the bottom of the food chain. Her brother, as evil as he is, is still only level 2 or 3 (as far as I know .. I could be very wrong on that).

In July 2019, my second flight for safety from Ontario, a benevolent gang-stalker in the USA hinted that if water were diverted in a certain way, Detroit could become an island. This intentional, but odd, conversation influenced how I viewed Detroit. Plus, I could not help but wonder: is “Detroit” an anagram for “Rioted”? (More on anagrams (and choices) later [gulp, “Ye Krown”?] but if you look at names of US States and capital cities as anagrams that imply choices on, say, where one can live then it can become very disturbing very quickly. “Silence of the Lambs” disturbing.)

When I returned to Detroit for safety in March 2020, I viewed Detroit much differently.

Side Note: I attended a science fair with my daughter and a group of her friends at Carleton University where a student presented her invention: a chair that could power an iPhone via thermal energy (that is, the heat from one’s body).

War Memorial  (side view), Ottawa

What: Enslaved Prostitution

Victims: Children

Who: Level 2 (Provincial)

I believe that it has become Amsterdam of the north; to attract tourists, enslaved prostitution. (Insert link to article about Dymon Storage, pressured waitresses at (cough, you know who you are and so do I))

To do: Link to Tunney’s Pasture, everything en route as I walked all the way to Chinatown.

General Motors, Detroit

What: Thermal Energy

Victims: The Military

Who: Top Level (5)

For a variety of reasons, I believe that as of January 1, 2021, ?some/all? of the U.S. Military would have been in Detroit, “duty free”, and given a series of wickedly, horrible choices.

Regions, Detroit

What: Thermal Energy

Victims: The Military

Who: Top Level (5)

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States of America

Photo from magazine

What: Surgical Torture (R can saw)

Victims: Families, Part of the “Global Choice System” where family members are forced to make choices based on little information&#it involves Word Play and is horrific.

Who: Top Level 5

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America

Photo from magazine

What: Caged Entertainers (gates = stage, sorry Bill)

Victims: Entertainers and others.

Who: Top Level 5

Family Separation, Canada

Photo from magazine

What: Horrific entertainment by those enslaved

Victims: People and Lower Level Sociopaths

Who: Level 4 Group 1

Where: Provincial Differences (Montreal = Hunger Games, Quebec City = Gladiator for previous law enforcement) 

Family Separation, United States

Photo from magazine

What: Horrific Choices

Victims: Families

Who: Level 4 Group 2

I believe that I have been gang-stalked internationally by both a malevolent group and benevolent group for years. Recently, as I travelled, I produced short videos when I saw things that disturbed me and signed on to public Wi-Fi often so that people could steal my videos and learn about what was going on in other parts of the world. During July 2019, people began to intentionally leave things for me look at and react to. For example, in California, a woman tossed a Korean newspaper in the trash can in a way that I felt I was to look at this newspaper: I did and sure enough wasn’t there a ton of evidence that something very bad was planned for California as developers were advertising new developments. When I saw that, I thought: “Where? There is no space here for that size of development.” Later, on the Amtrak, I saw a mill that was producing what looked like long wooden coffins that could fit four people. These are just two examples. At some point, [insert content] is now part of what we affectionately refer to as The Loop (verses the Sociopaths who are devoid of conscience).

[insert paragraph regarding advanced communication skills]

Regarding my limited capacity, my mother has stated that she often gave to me whiskey as a baby. (She claims I had “croupe”.) Plus, due to sociopathic parenting, I began to drink alcohol at the age of 12 (before the second hormonal rush in human development first hormonal rush happens in utero). In addition, my mother laughs about how “times have changed”: she has stated that she was drinking rum & cokes the night before the birth of my youngest sister and that the hospital gave new mothers Guinness beer in the maternity ward.