July 26, 2019 (English)

  • Audio from interview with Ottawa Police Service (“OPS”) detective Alex Kirady (“Kirady”) who chose to ignore all of the evidence on my person, evidence in police records, my testimony and proceed to charge me with three crimes (original charges are here):
    • Segment 0 (06:25) is here.
    • Segment 1 (08:07) is here.
    • Segment 2 (05:50) is here.
    • Segment 3 (05:48) is here.
    • Segment 4 (07:43) is here.
    • Segment 5 (05:27) is here.
    • Combined audio file (39:24) is here.

    My exact notes from Kirady’s 20190726 police statement are here.

(I am fairly certain that his statement is evidence of his commitment of multiple crimes against me.)