Legal Aid Ontario (“LAO”)

Multiple Employees, Corruption in District Office and Felons on Committees

(analysis currently in progress: criminal activity, violations of civil law)

PAGE CURRENTLY UNDER DEVELOPMENT: 20210107 20231010 || This taxpayer-fund entity has been fully infiltrated by domestic terrorists, GSI-mal


20231010  I followed up with LAO to find out if my file had been assigned to anyone yet. Nope, but here: “speak to a specialist“. Specialist is not a lawyer so she cannot answer any questions; however, she will refer me to a criminal legal advice team who will not leave any message and make only two attempts to reach me within the next 5 – 10 business days. If we don’t connect, then call back.

LAO: “What was your most serious charge and which charge were you forced to agree to?”

ME: “Break and Enter” (on my own house) and “Unlawfully in Dwelling” (my own house) [in an attempt to tell my children the truth following over five months of both John Kiska and the CAS being in contempt of their own illegally-obtained, unlawful court order by denying me any communication or access to Sean and Cate for over five months]. Would you make an anonymous tip to OPP’s Crime Stoppers?

LAO: “Nope. Not my role”   (end of XX:XX conversation)

LAO Supervisor: “[We determine eligibility for legal assistance: it’d not our role to report crime. Call the complaints department at 1 (866) 874-9786  or the Ethics hotline at 1 (877) 312-7753]” (end of XX:XX conversation)

Ethics Hotline:    

20230918  Upon advice of Niagara Region’s Ontario Works (who now supports me financially as impossible-to-divorce John Kiska refuses to pay any spousal support whatsoever while he resides in our $1-2M matrimonial home in Ottawa with my two, emo-psychologically-tortured-for-years, gaslit teens, Sean and Cate), I again contacted LAO for assistance. (The last lawyer they funded, Cedric Nahum, was just as complicit in organized crime as any of the ones for whom I paid including:

I was told to expect a return call by 20231002; however, none arrived.


First conversation that took place out of custody was recorded and is available at bottom of page. (Legal Aid was denied throughout 2019 when I attempted to hire representation while I was in custody (due to denial of bail following perjury and defamation by Crown prosecutor Mike Boyce).

Once released on October 30, 2019, I hired two lawyers by agreeing to a lien on my half of my matrimonial home. However, defence attorney (Joseph Addelman) was working against me and for the Crown and family/CAS lawyer (Gonen Snir) was working against me and for my “ex” (John Kiska) and terrorist organization (Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice + The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa). Accordingly, both my legal position and financial position are now WORSE than before I hired either of them.

Following a year of multiple crimes being committed against me including, but not limited to, Conspiracy to Prosecute by above-mentioned, Crown’s Malcolm Savage and more, I was re-arrested in September 2020.

October XX, 2020: Certificate for Cedric Nahum to represent me against the CAS was approved.

October XX, 2020: Certificate for Cedric Nahum to represent me against the Crown for criminal allegations was approved.

November XX, 2020: I request Certiori certificate for defence attorney and CAS lawyer, Cedric Nahum.

November 25, 2020: My e-mail to Legal Aid asking why there is such a delay in approving payment for Cedric to prepare the preliminary letter regarding a Certiori certificate This e-mail INCLUDED an explanation of my financial situation.

December 14, 2020: I request certificate to bring a Motion to Change a Temporary (Family) re: quantum of support. “Jessee” tells me that I will receive a call-back within five business days.

December 14, 2020: Certificate for appeal of the unlawful 20201211 decision is issued: here

December 15, 2020: Ottawa’s LAO District Office sends a Request for Information (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER): here stating that information is due December 29, 2020 WHY NOW? As I am trying to move and over Christmas and for a SHORT hearing?!?

December 2X, 2020: I request an extension as I have many, many bank accounts due to all of the fraud that I have endured but most of them are empty and/or now closed: audio recording of the call is here

December 22, 2020: I follow-up re: Family certificate. “Shereka” tells me that call-backs can take up to 15 business days.

My December 22, 2020 e-mail to Cedric’s articling student Shawn Ferron sharing my opinion of the taxpayer-funded “service” that is Legal Aid Ontario

December 29, 2020: My preliminary fax to “District Office” is here

January 4, 2021: Certiori occurs 10:00 – ?13:00? ||| Justice Charles T. Hackland reserves decision which is to be released February 5, 2021

January 5, 2021: I learn that Cedric’s Certiori certificate was never issued and yesterday’s representation against career criminal, Crown prosecutor Malcolm Savage was done WITHOUT any remuneration from Legal Aid!

January 5, 2021: My second fax to “District Office” is here

January 5, 2020: First, “Juanita” tells me that LAO does not provide certificates for Family Court. When I tell her that she is wrong, yells-over most of that which I am attempting to communicate, advises me that I can appeal the refusal of my application for a Legal Aid certificate to bring a motion in Family Court to change a temporary order … and hangs up! This is what I get after being on hold for over three hours and waiting for a call back for THREE WEEKS!!! So, I go on hold for another three hours to speak to ANOTHER specialist who approve my request for an appeal which is now being considered by “district office”. Who in in “district office” or which “committee”. The one with Leighann Burns who refused to assist me despite all of my evidence and is also heavily involved with local terrorists which operate out of the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa?

January 6, 2021 (00:00): I left a message with LAO’s Complaints Department: audio (00:00)

January 7, 2021 (14:33): I left a message with LAO’s Complaints Department: audio (00:00)

My 20210107 14:51 e-mail to LAO “Customer Service” is: here

Question: How could a social service like Legal Aid Ontario be converted into a taxpayer-funded, money-making scam for very busy lawyers, wealthy crown prosecutors and many duty counsellors who need not spend money on marketing to find new clients? Meet LIOS&DIDA “Lay-It-On-Savage” & “Dial-It-Down-Addelman”


  1. Audio file (02:58) re: “Hello, how may I help you?” is here.
  2. Audio file (02:02) re: “What are your charges?” is here.
  3. Audio file (01:09) re: Current number of court cases in which I am involved is here.
  4. Audio file (01:48) re: “Is this request for a new matter?” is here.
  5. Audio file (01:40) re: “Why do you need a new lawyer?” is here.
  6. Audio file (00:56) re: Superior vs. Provincial Court decision, intro to CECC is here.
  7. Audio file (00:59) re: CECC to OCDC to Amicus (and Bail House) is here.
  8. Audio file (00:58) re: Amicus to Lawyer to Legal Aid is here.
  9. Audio file (00:57) re: Failure of asset test due to home and business ownership is here.
  10. Audio file (00:56) re: Not pleading guilty to anything is here.
  11. Audio file (01:09) re: New-Age Domestic Violence is here.
  12. Audio file (03:39) re: Signing authority, sale of second home, proceeds used to pay down debt is here.
  13. Audio file (01:03) re: “Who do you currently bank with?” is here.
  14. Audio file (00:36) re: “Is it a chequing or a savings account?” is here.
  15. Audio file (01:36) re: “Do you own a car?” (Part I) is here.
  16. Audio file (01:03) re: “Do you own a car?” (Part II) is here.
  17. Audio file (01:07) re: “What is the name of your business and what does it do?” is here.
  18. Audio file (00:55) re: “Who are your clients?” is here.
  19. Audio file (01:05) re: “What has your annual income been?” is here.
  20. Audio file (01:15) re: “Do you do taxes for this business?” is here.
  21. Audio file (01:07) re: The challenge of paying for legal advice is here.
  22. Audio file (01:04) re: “What is the value of the assets in your company AdvisorOnTrack Inc.?” is here.
  23. Audio file (01:06) re: “What is the income from your company AdvisorOnTrack Inc.? (Part I)” is here.
  24. Audio file (01:10) re: “What is the income from your company AdvisorOnTrack Inc.? (Part II)” is here.
  25. Audio file (03:35) re: “When is your next court date?” is here.
  26. Audio file (00:57) re: “Who is the lawyer that you have been using all this time?” is here.
  27. Audio file (01:12) re: “Is there a CAS matter coming up?” is here.
  28. Audio file (01:10) re: “Who is your lawyer for the CAS matter?” is here. (Sadly, Gonen Snir was just another crooked lawyer who was working for my wicked ex and the CAS.)
  29. Audio file (02:20) re: “When did you last see the children?” is here.
  30. Audio file (01:48) re: At a minimum, this Crown Prosecutor should be removed from the Office of the Crown Attorney is here.
  31. Audio file (03:08) re: Introducing the Austen Riggs Centre is here.
  32. Audio file (01:07) re: Next Steps, Online Portal, Answer in 5-10 business days is here.

The Crown Attorneys Act (“CAA”) is here and, if I am not mistaken, both Assistant Crown Attorneys Malcolm Savage and Moiz Karimjee have violated Section 8 of the CAA thereby committing the crime of Disobeying a Statute (Section 126(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada (“CCC”)). In contrast, Provincial Prosecutor Yvonne Goebel dropped the charge of Disobey Court Order, presumably, after she reviewed the evidence package that I submitted to her on July 26, 2019 (as described here.)

A quick look at Ontario’s Sunshine List indicates that:

  • Mr. Karimjee pulls over $200,000* from Ontario’s annual budget**.
  • Mr. Savage pulls over $135,000* from Ontario’s annual budget**.
  • Ms. Goebel’s salary must be less than $100,000 because she is not even on the list.

It is fairly obvious to me that at the Office of the Crown Attorney, Mr. Karimjee and Mr. Savage are being “harboured”*** and Ms. Goebel is being discriminated against because she is ?a woman?.

This is the corruption to which I was referring when I responded to Rona Ambrose’s tweet.

*what his benefits cost the Ontario taxpayer is anyone’s guess
**this, of course, excludes indirect costs of their employment by Ontario: their behavior directly impacts the operating costs of several public services including, but not limited to, Legal Aid Ontario, Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre, Ottawa Police Services (who drive prisoners back and forth, back and forth, back and forth to every hearing), other correctional facilities, the Superior Court of Justice and whomever pays for those nice Tim Horton’s sandwiches when one is stuck in cells at 161 Elgin Street waiting to be (possibly) heard by the court.
***this is accomplished via the highly questionable process of criminalizing the distribution of something referred to as “Disclosure” (insert link to analysis, commentary here. Basically, the police, complainant, “witnesses” can commit defamatory libel and other “white collar” crimes but since one is not permitted to use their affidavits outside of the specific criminal matter—else face arrest—you cannot nail them for it. Convenient, huh?)

The complete audio file of my February 14, 2020 call to Legal Aid Ontario (47:50) is here.