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World Health Organization et al.



“The children cannot defend themselves against these monsters. If we don’t fight for them, nobody will, and this cruel horror will only increase worldwide.”

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  • Introduction
  • Meet the Rutgers Foundation
  • The UN’s International Technical Guidance on Sexual Education
  • The Netherlands
  • More about Rutgers
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Order of Canada recipient: Peter Dalglish
  • Meet Bill Gates

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The World Health Organization (“WHO”) and the United Nations (“UN”) have issued documents to all the nations of the world, instructing all schools worldwide to sexualize little children, as part of the agenda to normalize pedophilia. The official statements are clear: they want the entire world to be transformed. Teaching 2 and 3 year olds to masturbate, and 9 year olds to use online pornography and have sex, is part of this agenda. The Biden administration has released statements supporting that.

School posters are widely distributed that encourage children to engage in homosexual activities with their classmates, and books are recommended that tell kids all about oral sex. Children’s books are promoted that tell stories about teachers having sex with their pupils.

Schools are organizing sex games during which kids take the genitals of classmates in their mouth, or masturbate one another, as part of “comprehensive sexuality education” issued by the WHO and UN. The instruction given to teachers is that all children should be encouraged to start with sex as soon as possible. Meanwhile judicial documents are issued worldwide to decriminalize sex between children and adults. The document Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe published by the WHO contains the following instructions for kindergartens and elementary schools:

  Children between 0 and 4 years must learn about masturbation and develop an interest in their own and others’ bodies.
  Children between 4 and 6 years must learn about masturbation, and be encouraged to express their sexual needs and wishes.
  Children between 6 and 9 years must learn about sexual intercourse, online pornography, having a secret love and self-stimulation.
  Children between 9 and 12 years should have their first sexual experience, and learn to use online pornography. The following pages are from “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe”.

Notice the age group in the top left corner.  

Meet the Rutgers Foundation

This 2-minute video is part of a European school program that works closely with the WHO. It shows how little children are encouraged to start masturbating. This was spread to many thousands of schools, as part of the WHO “comprehensive sexuality education”, which states that children should start having sex as early as possible. The publisher of this video, the Rutgers Foundation, operates in 27 nations of the world and is a partner of the WHO. The plan is to implement this in curriculums worldwide.


The UN’s International Technical Guidance on Sexual Education

The next document is issued by the UN & is titled International Technical Guidance on Sexual Education. It is the official guideline for elementary schools around the world. The goal of this doc is described on page 16: it aims to equip children to have sexual relationships.

On page 17, the United Nations explains that this guide is intended to help little children build relationships with romantic or sexual partners.




On page 71, teachers are instructed to teach little kids from the age of 5 about kissing, hugging, touching and sexual behaviors.


The logos on the United Nations International Technical Guidance on Sexual Education show that this is part of the UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. United Nations Agenda 2030 is a plan to transform every aspect of human existence on the earth by the year 2030.

They make it clear that the transformation of human life will reach the entire world: “As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge no one will be left behind. These are universal goals and targets which involve the entire world, developed & developing countries alike.


The Biden administration has released statements that they will make sure this agenda is implemented throughout the USA as soon as possible, and no later than 2030.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is at the heart of this worldwide agenda to sexualize little children. What happens there, will spread worldwide. This nation is the headquarters of a worldwide publisher of this “comprehensive sexuality education”: the Rutgers Foundation (“Rutgers”). Rutgers operates in 27 nations and is funded by global organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Planned Parenthood. In the Spring of 2023, a nationwide curriculum was launched with the name “Spring Fever”.

A school poster was put up in thousands of elementary schools. I translated it into English and added highlights to reveal the message of this school poster. Two boys hold hands and say, “Yes, we want it”. Two young girls find a “safe place” to have sex.

The curriculum “Spring Fever” aggressively pushes the theme of homosexuality onto unsuspecting and vulnerable children. Below is a illustration from this school program for elementary schools. It is one thing if a person struggles with sexual identity, and is confused about their preferences, but it is a whole different realm if sexual confusion is pushed into elementary schools, to drive children towards a homosexual lifestyle. Pushing little children towards homosexuality is directly instructed by the World Health Organization and UN.

On page 40 of the “Standards for Sexuality Education” schools are told to teach four year olds about “same-sex relationships“ and on page 44 educators are instructed to teach nine year olds about “friendship and love towards people of the same sex”.

One of the books recommended in elementary schools, is called “What is sex”? Here is a page, and a quote: “Blowjob is sex with the mouth. That is why it is called oral sex.” “Have you ever given yourself a kiss on a soft spot of your body? Try it. How does that feel?”

“The skin of a dick or vagina is sensitive. Because of this, people sometimes like to touch each other there with their mouths. When someone suckles a dick, this is called sucking. Of course, a woman can do the same. If someone licks a vagina, this is called pussy eating.”

Why would anyone want 4 to 8 year little children to know everything about oral sex? Here is another page from this school program for elementary schools. This is for 10 year old kids:



“Examples of things you can do with sex are (tongue) kissing, caressing, petting (licking the vagina), piping (licking/sucking the penis), fingering, jerking off, dick-in-vagina sex (vaginal sex) and dick-in-anus sex (anal sex)”.

When we have a deeper look into the program, we see a clear definition of the objective of the lessons: “Little children should know all about lust, physical excitement, and being intimate. They should know that everyone has sexual feelings and they should not be ashamed.”

Being ashamed is a basic natural feeling that all children have, which protects them from being harmed through inappropriate experiences. Sexuality is the most sensitive, and vulnerable part of our humanity, which can traumatize us for life, if it is wrongly approached.

Shame is an essential defense barrier to keep us safe. These programs aim to remove this natural barrier, so children will no longer listen to their instinct that tells them to protect their body. This makes them extremely vulnerable, and an easy prey for sexual predators.

The following is an example of an official school curriculum in The Netherlands, published by the School Curriculum Education (School Leerplan Onderwijs) official publisher of all school curriculums.

We can see that it is similar to the WHO Standards:



  Toddlers in the age group of 0-4 must learn about falling in love, intimacy and sexual feelings.
  Little kids from the age of 5 should learn about sexual intercourse, online pornography and experiencing lust through touching their own body.

Rutgers published a guide to train teachers how to indoctrinate little children about sex. In it they make several references to the WHO guide “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe”, further confirming how they are collaborating with the World Health Organization.




A staff member of Rutgers contributed to the WHO guide. In this document Rutgers makes a clear statement what the purpose is of this type of education: “Sexual & relationship education gives children ideas that will help them to start with sex sooner.”

The whole idea of this type of sexuality education is not to assist children during their natural development, towards a healthy and mature sexuality, but the goal is to indoctrinate them to start with sex as soon as possible.

Several schools have been organizing sex games, where kids take the genitals of their class mates in their mouth, lick them, put their fingers in the vagina of girls, and so on. Here is a news report about sex games at an elementary school in The Netherlands.

The sexualization of little children is also happening outside of the schools. These are images of children’s playgrounds which were approved by local governments and schools.


It also happens on a global corporate level, as with these mugs from McDonalds in Japan, that – when turned in a certain angle – show children engaged in sexual acts.

More about Rutgers

The execution of the WHO and UN guidelines in The Netherlands is done by Rutgers, an international organization active in 27 nations. The following information reveals how Rutgers has always been at the forefront of the pedophilia movement worldwide.

• Jan Rutgers (1850-1924) was a fierce opponent of marriage which he considered unnatural. He also passionately promoted the reduction of the human population, by pushing a culture of free sex into society.
• When Rutgers Foundation was founded in 1969, the main purpose was to reduce population growth through sexual education, abortion & contraception. In 1999 Rutgers fused with Netherlands Institute for Social Sexological Research (“NISSO”) whose goal was also to reduce birth rates by encouraging abortion, free sex, and sex education.
• In 2011 Rutgers fused again with the World Population Foundation who had the same mission of reducing the world population through abortion and sex education.
• Rutgers has always been heavily involved in the worldwide movement to normalize pedophilia. In 1946 the Netherlands Association for Sexual Reform (“NVSH”) was founded with, once again, the objective of reducing the human population. NVSH organized working groups on pedophilia that were supported by Labour Party Senator Dr. Edward Brongersma.
• This same Brongersma became the foreman of the pedophilia acceptance movement in the 1970s. Brongersma was known for abusing underaged sex slaves. In the 1960s Brongersma became a board member of the NVSH, where he again organized pedophilia working groups.

They published the magazine NIKS (ie. Dutch abbreviation of Towards Integration of Child Sexuality). In an online archive of this magazine, we can see the sickening profanity promoted: naked children on the cover exposing their genitals, children having sex, and so on.

Another edition of the pedophilia magazine of Brongersma is titled the “anti-education episode” and contains an article that explains how “evil” the natural family is. The article is titled: “How do I kill my father and mother?” I quote:

“In the family, love is impossible. Parental love is a lie… The family limits, sours, mocks, discourages, mistreats, crumples…”

The pedophilia magazine NIKS featured prominent international pedophiles like Theo Sandfort who wrote for several well-known pedophilia publications, like Paedo Alert News, and the British Paidika.

• In 1999, Rutgers published a report from this pedophile Sandfort.
• In 2000, another pedophile organization made headlines, for building an archive of child pornography.

The founder, Frits Bernard, was an avid pedophile. Their articles of incorporation state that they collaborate with Rutgers. On June 22, 1979 Rutgers signed a petition, along with criminally-convicted child molester Brongersma, for the legalizing of sex with children.

The current chairman of the Supervisory Board of Rutgers is Andrée van Es, former politician of Green Left, and PSP, a party that also lobbied for the legalization of pedophilia. Former director of Rutgers, Pieter Wijnsma, stated in an interview that he had encouraged a group of children to masturbate, because “the aspect of lust had to be developed”. De organization of pedophile Brongersma was succeeded by Fund for Scientific Research on Sexuality (FWOS). They state that Rutgers manages the vast child pornography collection of Brongersma.

Planned Parenthood

The International Planned Parenthood Foundation (an abortion organization founded by the father of Bill Gates) published a full-blown pedophilia manifesto titled EXCLAIM! which was distributed within the United Nations.

It repeatedly makes explicit statements typically used by pedophiles and child predators. It is literally filled with the hard-core typical arguments used by pedophiles, claiming that babies, toddlers, children and teens have the “human right” to have sex.

Order of Canada recipient: Peter Dalglish.

The pedophile practices of high-ranking officials from the WHO and UN is usually carefully covered up; but, once in a while one of them gets caught. This happened to Peter Dalglish (“Dalglish”), a senior official who held high positions within the UN, UNICEF and the WHO for over 30 years, and was founder of Street Kids International.

He was awarded the Order of Canada for his outstanding humanitarian work. In 2015 he was the UN’s “country representative” in Kabul.

In 2018 Dalglish was caught redhanded, while abusing two underaged boys in Nepal, and was sentenced to nine years in prison. Dalglish lured children away from their parents with offers to educate them, take them abroad and provide them with jobs.

Detectives say he abused children over a period of 15 years, while he was a senior official at the UN and WHO.


The main entities pushing this pedophilia agenda worldwide are the WHO and the UN. We must however remember that these are not governmental, but private organizations, owned by financial elites predators. As a private organization they have no authority over anybody whatsoever. Yet, they operate as a One World Government (“OWG”), controlling the worldwide health and educational system. The WHO does not serve the interest of humanity, but criminal agendas for concealed entities.

The WHO:

• suppressed cures for covid and
• ordered social media companies to censor scientists and physicians who talked about effective treatments.

Meet Bill Gates

They are the ones who told the world that only an experimental injection is the answer for the pandemic, which has resulted in millions of deaths and thousands of people being permanently disabled as a result of these inoculations. The agenda to suppress every working treatment for covid, and tell the world that only an untested experimental injection will save us, was pushed by multi-billionaire and public mouth piece for the financial elites predators, Bill Gates (“Gates”). He is the world’s #1 vaccine dealer, who made astronomical amounts of money from this worldwide inoculation plot. (more on Gates to be added here.)

When we understand that Gates is the main donor of the WHO, we also know that he has full authority over their policies. Gates is known for his close relations with Jeffrey Epstein, who hosted sex parties with children for the elites predators on his notorious Epstein Island. Epstein was arrested in 2018 under the Trump administration, and allegedly hung himself in his prison cell.

The name of Bill Gates appears several times on the flight logs to Epstein Island.

Why do governments and financial elites predators insist on sexualizing little children in every nation of the world? The answer is given in all our evidence that details how most of the elites predators all have one thing in common: they are heavily involved in organized abuse of children.

This is confirmed by former FBI director Ted Gunderson, as well as former members of the military, marechaussee, gendarmerie, police and detectives. The danger with these organizations is that they have mastered the skill to hypnotize humanity with their word plays, that make grooming little children for pedophile predators sound like a wonderful thing, that we must support wholeheartedly. They are word wizards that put spells on the mind of people, who lack the sharpness of spirit to discern this trickery. That’s why so many unsuspecting people go along with it.

We all have the choice to close our eyes, and become complicit through our silence, or be brave people who stand up, and expose this to humanity.

The children cannot defend themselves against these monsters. If we don’t fight for them, nobody will, and this cruel horror will only increase worldwide.



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