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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

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Antichrist Study Guide: —————————

HIS PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES: Isaiah 10:5-15 haughty looking (NKJV); high looks (KJV) Daniel 7:8 & Daniel 7:20 were eyes [insight into human eyes] like the eyes of a man (NKJV) see notes below whose appearance was greater than his fellows (NKJV) looked more imposing than the others (NIV) whose look was more stout than his fellows (KJV) larger in appearance than its associates (NASB) had eyes [possesed insight into human eyes] (KJV) spake very great things (KJV) mouth uttering great boasts (NASB) mouth which spoke pompous words (NKJV) Daniel 8:23-25, Isaiah 19:2-4 fierce countenance (KJV); fierce features (NKJV); stern-faced king (NIV); a fierce king (NLT) Revelation 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19 & 20 described as “the beast” Greek: Therion (Strong’s 2342) – a wild animal, wild beast, beast, brutal man, bestial man, savage or ferocious Arabic: al-Wahash – the beast…he is a Syrian Arab Revelation 13:18 (see tutorial below) Arabic gematria numerology of his name

HIS NAMES: Isaiah 10:5-15, 13:1-22, 14:24-27, 30:27-33 & 31:4-9 The Assyrian, The King of Assyria, The King of Babylon, The Opressor (ancient Assyria & ancient Babylon) Ezekiel 28:1-10 The Prince of TyreTyrus (Tyre, Lebanon) Daniel 7 & 8 The Little Horn (in Daniel’s two visions) Daniel 11 King of the North (Syria, north of Israel within ancient Assyria) 2 Thessalonians 2 The Man of SinLawlessness (Torah-less), The Son of Perdition 1 John 2:18 The Antichrist Revelation 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19 & 20 The Beast Arabic: al-Wahash – the beast Joel 1 The Lion Arabic: al-Asad – the lion Micah 5 The Assyrian Jeremiah 4 & 5 Wolf of the Arabs (ArabahEvenings) Lion “from the thicketlair” “from the north”

FACT SHEET: (an ongoing work so send us what you find!) Bashar Al-Asad, Basharu l-Assad, Bashir el-Asad, Bashar Al-Assad, Bassar Al-Asad.

SOURCES INCLUDE – Wikipedia, Encyclopedia of the Orient,, etc…

Born September 11th, 1965 in Damascus, Syria. Called by its Arabic name Dimashq ash-ShÄm (Ash-ShÄm) for NORTH, NORTHERN or “land to the north.” Often called “Guardian Hunter” in his military career, a name given to him after the Greek Orion who was “the archer” in the heavens. Nimrod was also called the “Mighty Hunter” of men and was a rebel against YHWH from Assyria. Son of Hafez al-Asad, formerly Hafez al-Wahash (the beast), the “Sphinx of Damascus” and former President of Syria. A sphinx is a Cherub or Karab in Hebrew. Alawite Muslim – highly secretive splinter sect of Shia Islam incorporating Christopagan, Islamic, Gnostic & Zoroastrian beliefs including but not limited to: Belief that in each world age special prophets like Jesus or Mohammed came to show the right path. Belief in metempsychosis, the soul ascends into the heavens via a series of transformations. Raised primarily in QardahaLatakia, Syria (Laodicea, Syria) Former Chairman of the Syrian Computer Society Syrian & UK educated Ophthalmologist Speaks Arabic, English & French Not only are both the ram and the goat mentioned in the Tanakh as symbols of power, but Cumont has noted that different lands were assigned to the signs of the Zodiac according to astronomical geography. In this view, Persia is thought of as under the zodiacal sign of Aries, the “ram,” and Greece as sharing with Syria, the principal territory of the Seleucid monarchy, the zodiacal sign of Capricorn, the “goat.” The word Capricorn is derived from the Latin, caper, a goat and cornu, a horn.


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