Newfoundland RNC Police Report #3

10-JUL-2023 (last updated 20230715 09:40 NL)

(ongoing since 2013) Torture, Human Trafficking, Domestic Terrorism

PDF version of this RNC #3 at time of 20230710 filing (redacted) || RNC Police Complaint #2 Fraud (via Civil court) – redacted || RNC Police Complaint #1 Fraud (via Family court) 

Organized crime enabled by law firms:  Borden Ladner Gervais, Nelligan Law, McCarthy Law, Bell Baker , Cavanagh & Victor Vallance Blais & more. Seriously, who’s not involved? 


  1. I’ve lost everything including my wardrobe, art/jewellery, furniture, car, Sean & Cate and our cat & dog. This is complaint #3 of a 3-part exposure of the Ottawa-based crime syndicate I call the #TDVCA Syndicate. It involves 200+ Taxpayer-funded/enabled individuals who perpetuate Domestic Violence and Child Abuse.
  2. RNC Complaint #2 (redacted) is here:; however, it has yet to be assigned and I have more evidence to add.
  3. RNC Complaint #1 (redacted) is here: It was assigned RNC #2023-12441 and transferred to OPS Const. Stephanie Glenn on 20230523 by RNC’s Lisa Pyke. I have additional evidence to add to this file too; however, as of 20230710, Const. Glenn at (613)236-1222 x4157 has refused to return my calls.
  4. In 2022, I alerted ON RCMP’s Matt Peggs that I was fleeing Ontario for safety to be in a position to file this complaint & “someone” has helped me to survive this long in order to do so. Whether my evidence is being used to:
    (a) facilitate the extortion of 30+ Ontario-based “bought” judges, 6+ crooked Crowns & dozens of OPSB employees and more OR
    (b) to disassemble the #TDVCA Syndicate via exposure/arrest
    is unknown to me.


  1. Following years of severe domestic violence of all forms that did not leave any visible bruises, in July 2022, I fled from Ottawa on the advice of a lawyer to try to rescue my children (“Sean & Cate”) from a different jurisdiction and ended up in Newfoundland and Labrador (“NL”).
  2. Upon arrival 20230804, I was falsely accused of Assault with a weapon, Assault, Disobeying my illegally-obtained, unlawful, 20220524 Ontario Court of Justice (“OCJ”) Probation Order (“Scandalous OCJ Order”) and Causing a disturbance: the fiasco is noted here:
  3. On 20230106, I was read my rights for a second count of violating Scandalous OCJ Order; however, I waived my right to remain silent and plead my innocence. The officers assigned chose not to arrest me, investigated the false allegation and closed the file as without merit.
  4. After much delay/shenanigans, by 20230215 (that is, instantly upon service/filing of a S. 699 Application for Third-party Records; a redacted version viewable at all four charges were dropped. The Syndicate’s intention to have me re-arrested and detained &/or convicted (thereby preventing me from pursuing the civil actions listed below) failed.
  1. If it were not for my familiarity with the Criminal Code of Canada (“CCC“) and my decision to waive my right to remain silent, I would surely have been imprisoned by today and unable to proceed with the following Ontario/Quebec-based proceedings which had legislated deadlines:
    1. a $500,000 action against crooked, Quebec-based psychiatrist Dr. Paule Kemgni that began 20210406,
    2. a $3.5M action against two shysters; namely Gonen Snir and Joe Addelman that began 202207xx and
    3. last, but not least, a $13.2M action against the Ottawa Police Services Board (“OPSB”). Why $13.2M? It’s the amount that former Mayor Jim Watson (“Watson”) stole from Ottawa taxpayers in 2020 to fund this criminal enterprise as documented in my minutes of his scandalous 20201209 City of Ottawa Council Meeting while he had knowledge (or ought to have had knowledge) of exactly the type of torture, human trafficking and domestic terrorism in which OPSB was involved (see December exchange with Watson, cc’d to Peter Sloly Exhibit X). Oh, and all City of Ottawa councillors (then and now) know too (see Exhibit X).
  1. The actions noted at 9. above do not include my other attempts to seek justice which are forceably on hold; namely:
    1. the $500,000 action against undiagnosed “narcopath” & estranged husband John Kiska (“Kiska”) that began 20210406 as part of a joint action that included Kemgni (SCJ’s Heather Williams forced a split of the action into to in order to create work/costs for me and, more importantly, attempt to bury the collusion between Kiska and Kemgni, etc.),
    2. the $3M+ action against Victor Vallance Blais LLP that began 2020mmdd,
    3. the Supreme Court of Canada appeal of Ontario SCJ’s scandalous Divisional court Child, Youth and Family Services Act (“CYFSA“) decision,
    4. elimination of my Scandalous OCJ Order orchestrated by Crown prosecutors including, but not limited to:
      1. Mike Boyce,
      2. Malcolm Savage,
      3. Moiz Karimjee,
      4. John Ramsay and
      5. Brian Holowka; and
    5. last, but not least, the completion of a seemingly-impossible-to-get divorce from Kiska from whom I received leave to seek significant damages for his cruelty in 2017 … which EXCLUDES that which he has done and continues to do to me and my children (“Sean & Cate”) FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS.
  1. In addition to above proceedings are my intentions initiate actions in the amounts of:
    1. a $5M action against Bell Baker LLP (“BellBaker”) for its participation in the demise of me and complete alienation of my children (“Sean & Cate”) which requires no concern of the Statute of Limitations as their involvement is ongoing.
    2. a $5M action against the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (“CAS”) for its participation in the demise of me and complete alienation of Sean and Cate which must be initiated by YYYYMMDD
    3. $10M action against Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General (both Ottawa’s Crown Attorney’s Office (“OCA”) and Toronto’s Office of the Children’s Lawyer (“OCL”) which, arguably, should be initiated by 20240523.
  1. OPSB is well aware of above, their involvement in the cover up as well complicit parties including, but not limited to:
    1. Ottawa City Hall,
    2. the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board,
    3. The Ottawa Hospital,
    4. the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre,
    5. the Mental Health Association of Canada (Ottawa branch),
    6. the Mental Health Commission of Canada,
    7. Ottawa Victim Services,
    8. Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (“OCTEVAW”),
    9. Harmony House,
    10. the Ottawa Citizen and
    11. others


  1. Accordingly (and in tandem Kiska’s decision to cease paying his measly, below-poverty-level, fraudulently-obtained, court-ordered support of $1,230/month (see details, on 20230131 OPSB chose to maliciously bring a S. 140 Courts of Justice Act (“CJA“) Application (“Vexatious Application”) in order to have me declared a “vexatious litigant” and denied any justice in civil court as well.
  1. OPSB’s legal submissions are no different from their police reports; nothing but errors, omissions and malicious obfuscation (“EO&MO”) to protect the massive, Ottawa-based crime ring in which OPSB is demonstrably complicit (see work-in-progress of their 20230706 Affidavit served to support their Vexatious Application. When viewed in tandem with the evidence already in their possession, OPSB’s 20230706 Affidavit provides irrefutable evidence that, among other individuals/entities, OPSB and their taxpayer-funded counsel should be charged with additional counts of Torture and Domestic Terrorism to add to the ongoing Human Trafficking, Fraud, Obstruction of Justice, Defamatory Libel, etc. list of crimes.
  1. Clearly, the goal of this Taxpayer-funded Domestic Violence and Child Abuse (#TDVCA) Syndicate is to drive me to suicide. My goal, however, is to expose their demonic network and reveal to any non-sociopaths that remain in Ottawa the many reasons why they should flee the God-forsaken capital of Canada as soon as possible; especially since Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (“ROMHC”) Chief of Staff Dr. Gayle Yenta Beck has been appointed Chair of OPSB (as I am aware how NCR Opinions are used to attempt to try to silence whistle-blowers and, likely, free the dealers, rapists and pedophiles that have infiltrated the capital).
  1. On 20230709, I brought a Motion requesting extensions in limit, time and several orders:
    1. AN ORDER THAT the court revise the written submission estimates within which Sean & Cate’s mum will be confined for the Ottawa Police Service Board et al. (“OPSB”) Application scheduled to be heard 20231005 (the “Vexatious Application”), to avoid the $13M+ Civil Action #CV-21-00087056
    2. AN ORDER THAT the timing of the “exchange” of Factums for 20230921 be
      revised so as not to:
      i. ignore the spirit of the Courts of Justice Act (“CJA”) of Rules of Civil
      Procedure (“Rules”) 37.10(7) and (8) which would
      ii. unfairly disadvantage Sean & Cate’s mum by forcing the exchange to
      happen on the same day,
    3. AN ORDER THAT the unlawful condition denying the late filing of materials for
      the Vexatious Application be revised to allow for unforeseen—yet, fully
    4. AN ORDER FOR COSTS of this Motion on a full indemnity basis and
    5. Any other order that this court deems fair and just [which included dismissal of the Vexatious Application].

    As of 20230710, my supporting Affidavit has 37 exhibits which will be linked as time permits.

  2. So, in summary, my “narcopath” spouse, John William Patrick Kiska d.o.b. 29-SEP-65 of 1244 Lampman Crescent, Ottawa, ON  K2C 1P8 (“Kiska“) simply fulfilled his promise: to “go for the jugular” and “spend [his] last dollar”. By doing so, Kiska was empowered to:
    1. circumvent all protections legislated in Canada’s federal Divorce Act by leveraging taxpayer-funded (or paid-by-the-hour) sociopaths/perpetrators who
    2. exploit every available loophole in provincial legislation including, but not limited to:
      1. Ontario’s Mental Health Act
      2. Ontario’s Courts of Justice Act‘s Family Law Rules
      3. Ontario’s Courts of Justice Act‘s Rules of Civil Procedure
      4. Ontario’s Courts of Justice Act itself
      5. Ontario’s Child, Youth and Family Services Act
      6. Ontario’s Landlord and Tenant Act
      7. Canada’s Criminal Code and
    3. rely upon the complete uselessness of:
      1. the Canadian Judicial Counsel
      2. the Law Society of Ontario (insert phone call re: crime beyond their jurisdiction ..Gonen Snir/Joe Addelman)
      3. the Office of the Independent Review Directorate (What. A. Racket.)
    4. in order to hospitalize, ostracize, criminalize, marginalize and demonize little ol’ me. (Gosh, I must be special?)

August xx, 2020 Screenshot from pfi.ROCKS Visitor Analysis, Andeé Sea Cae Jak ©SAQOTU Inc.

This screenshot is just a teensy sample of the database that we built while stashed away in Anchorage, Alaska for two months prior to my September 2020 re-arrest. The 5-page introduction to this members of this international terrorist group is here. The database of 5,000 ISP addresses was circulated the following month throughout Canada and the US. Then, I shared it via my two teensy Instagram accounts; one which has more of an international following (read: potential future [duped] immigrants)

I removed the content from ascjak and deirdre_moore a while ago; shortly after another round of First-in/Best-assigned reminders.

How did Kiska manage this? Is he rich??

Nah. He grew up a carney. Apparently his dad, John Kiska Sr. was chased out of Hamilton Ontario in the early 60’s. They ran the carnivals with … you guessed it … a PIZZA franchise called Cicero’s Pizza.

So, he just plugged into the #TDVCA Syndicate which was already very well established for the human trafficking network that’s existed since inception of this God-forsaken sub-corporation we call Canada.

How vast is this Human Trafficking network?

A better question would be: where is the network not?

So, Human Trafficking is more that just sex-trade workers?

Yep, wrap your head around Maximus Inc., if you dare. 


  1. Even the junior staff affiliated with the #TDVCA Syndicate members go along with it, no matter who’s lives they destroy in the process: they don’t want to “rock the boat”. They have bills to pay, a family to feed and … have zero clue that COV-19 was the “GO” button for when The Crown Corporation began to milk Canada for the final time. Due to the relentless propaganda and peer pressure, most of them were also duped into volunteering for multiple COV-19-related injections which were nothing more than a multi-pronged bio-weapon, illegally forced onto a mostly too-busy-to-notice/too-trusting-to-question populace. While I was busying trying to warn people that a sick&twisted WW3 had commenced, the powers that be in Ottawa continued to ramp their efforts to bury me.
  1. As for the more senior lawyers, judges, doctors and cops involved (be they duped Jewish, Catholic or straight-up Satanists/Luciferians who seem to have graced me with their relentless, conscience-free presence), the thought that we’re actually in Revelation 20:7-10 is completely lost on them: even though it seems very obvious to me:

    Whether they were born or made, they’ve clearly descended into sociopathy … at a minimum.

I had no idea, at the time, what inspired me to snap this photo in July 2019, one week before I was to be falsely accused by Kiska, charged by OPSB for crimes I didn’t commit and denied bail by Ontario’s Court of Justice so the CAS/OCL/SCJ could illegally jam a sole custody and access order through the system for Kiska’s benefit: I do now. I think the capital of Canada is ground zero for something very nasty … &, for the most part, they seem deserve it. It should be very clear now, to anyone paying attention, why He decided to flood the place the first time.

July 19, 2019 Photograph “Ottawa War Memorial” by Andeé Sea Cae Jak ©SAQOTU Inc.

  1. In reviewing the Vexatious Application schedule, however, I also realized that the 20230905 Cross-examination must be attended in person. OPSB has STATED it has zero intention of reviewing my materials. Accordingly, I now fear for my own safety as well as that of Sean & Cate (see anonymous threat received via Twitter at Exhibit X) as I continue to try to rescue them from the cesspool that is the capital of Canada: Mayor Mark Sutcliffe’s Ottawa in Doug Ford’s Ontario overseen by Justin Trudeau’s Federal Cabinet. My affidavits served for their vexatious application will be viewable HERE.


Verily,   submitted 13:10 NL   July 10, 2023
Deirdre, Sean & Cate1   last updated 09:47 NL    July 15, 2023

[1] Shortly before Kiska hit the “Discard” button in January 2013 &, with the help of OCDSB’s Greg Wyzinski (ie. Sir Winston Churchill Public School), recruited the CAS division of Ottawa’s human trafficking division. Another OCDSB-positioned trafficker? Wanda Mills-Boone.

[2] …………………………………..

UPDATE: 20230713

(26:51) conversations with OPS and RNC regarding Ottawa-based organized crime, torture and human trafficking:

  • 00:00 Conversation with ON’s OPS beings:
    • x
    • x
  • 18:53 Conversation with RNC begins:
    • 24:20 – 25:06 “… he plugged into the network …”

After 90 minutes of testimony and partial evidence sharing, RNC’s Officer Manuel refused to take my statement; so, I requested someone else (08:00).

Then, I received a return call from Matt Pegg’s office (ON’s RCMP Criminal Division)

As of 20230714, the RNC file was opened & I am waiting to hear back from the RCMP. Meanwhile, the shenanigans with OPSB and Ottawa’s Superior Court of Justice continued:


01     A      
02      B      
03     C      
04     D      
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06     F yes    
07     G      
08     H      
09     I      
10     J      
11 20180322 ENDORSEMENT 1_For Oral Reasons Given_Spousal Support DENIED-AUDET

This is the simplest example of court-enabled Fraud committed in Family court by circumventing Canada’s FEDERAL Divorce Act by using Ontario’s PROVINCIAL Courts of Justice Act (namely, the Family Law Rules) while the Divorce Act has federal paramountcy. 

K no    
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