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Motion to Obtain 3rd-party Records

(so I can fully defend OPSB’s malicious application to have me denied justice in another branch of Ontario’s criminal judicial system: Civil Court

20230509 Fortier decision: schedule everything via Canderly (& this info required a Case Conference? How to drive up costs for the perpetrators 101: What. A. Racket).

Link to 20230509 Addelman-Snir/OPSB Case Conference  ||  Link to judge Ryan Bell VIS page  ||  Link to Michelle Doody VIS page.


    • When he missed his deadline for filing a Statement of Defense, I was lawfully permitted to note Addelman Baum Gilbert Robertson LLP  (“Addelman”) in default pursuant to Rule X of the Rules of Civil Procedure (“Rules”) contained in a piece of legislation called the Courts of Justice Act (“CJA“).
    • Not only did I note him in default, I attempted to request a (partial) Summary Judgment against him*–which is also permitted pursuant to Rule Y of the CJA Rules. Why?
      • He and co-accomplice Gonen Snir (“Snir”) still have a $250,000 lien on my $1M+ matrimonial home,
      • their client &/or associate John Kiska (“Kiska”) stopped paying his illegally-obtained, fraudulent, below-poverty-level, court-ordered (via crooked lawyer, Wade Smith (“Smith”), and crooked SCJ judge, Julie Audet Julie Audet (“Audet”)) spousal support of a measly $1,230/month and
      • Newfoundland & Labrador (“NL”) taxpayers are now supporting me financially supporting me financially (“NL Welfare”)
      • which is Ontario-enabled fraud against me and the taxpayers of NL.
    • Addelman would prefer to not pay damages for his obvious torts (none of the syndicate participants do); accordingly, he brought a Motion to have my lawful Notice of Default aside so he can lie during a Rule 21 Motion (as admitted at paras. 10-18 in his illegally-served, EO&MO-laden Statement of Defence)
    • and have my claim dismissed. (See his illegally served (Rule Z) statement of defense included as Exhibit —- in related 2230404 Affidavit below.

*As there is zero point in scheduling a Motion for a Summary Judgment to be heard merely two days before Addelman’s Motion, I’ll simply make my arguments on that day; perhaps, through a cross-Motion (as I haven’t done one of those yet).

Status of the Motion pre-20230608 10:00 e.s.t.:

  1. Addelman’s motion materials:
    • Notice of Motion
    • 20230404 Affidavit including:
      • Exhibit A:
      • Exhibit B:
      • Exhibit C:
      • Exhibit D:
    • 20230404 Motion Record (just a combination of above
    • A Link to my Errors, Omissions and Malicious Obfuscation Analysis of Nelligan Law’s materials
  1. My motion materials:
    • 202305xx Affidavit including:
      • Exhibit A:
      • Exhibit B:
      • Exhibit C:
      • Exhibit D:
    • 202305xx Factum
    • 202305xx Motion Record (just a combination of above
    • x

Unfortunately, on 20230608 I won’t be in a position to prove exactly how much of a crook Addelman truly is because my attempts to obtain complete, unredacted 3rd-party records has been thwarted six times (so far):

  • 2020-2022, due to refusal by Tara MacDougall and Deborah Souder of the Children’s Aid Society (“CAS”) and SCJ-related accomplices as Ottawa City Hall does not want the #HumanTrafficking syndicate (which likely also spawns #OrganHarvesting) syndicate in the capital of Canada to be exposed,
  • yyyymmdd, when my request was refused by Ottawa Crown prosecutor Malcolm Savage and denied by OCJ judge Jonathan Brunet,
  • 2023mmdd, when my request became untenable after crooked NL Crown prosecutors dropped my bogus charges to avoid end my S. 699 Application permitted under the Criminal Code of Canada (“CCC“).
  • 2022 to present, as  Céleste Perrault-Levésque (“Levésque”) protects crooked psychiatrist Paule Kemgni (“Kemgni”) and
  • 202304xx to present, as Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General gives me the non-stop runaround (in order to protect Ottawa Police Services Board); delaying my ability to book a timely motion which now won’t be heard until 20230606.

Accordingly, due to the syndicate’s multiple counts of the CCC’s Obstruction of Justice, in addition to my request that Addelman’s Motion be dismissed with costs, I’ll be seeking an adjournment in the alternative.


They’re both liars, as evidenced at work-in-progress SAQOTU Documentary. It seems that most lawyers (and judges) are sociopaths and should be removed from the community.

Excerpt from scandalous 20211220 decision from Ontario’s Divisional Court’s Perell, Matheson and Kristjanson, JJ:

“[268]  Apart from the divided success, in any event, I would not have awarded costs against D.M. In her pursuit of access to justice, she is impeded by her mental illness and a costs award against an impecunious, homeless and impeded litigant is not in the interests of justice and would just be cold-hearted, meaningless, and just mean.”

Who’s going to haul these demons from Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice? Anyone? You think they’re just enabling fraud? Nope. #HumanTrafficking #Torture #OrganHarvesting Who will be there when they come for you & yours? No one.

Dated photograph of Joe Addelman

Link to Joe Addelman Victim Impact Statement (“VIS”) page

#2  Rejection of Express Motion

#3  Justice Sally Gomery

20210224 Pure SCJ Evil which continues as evidenced 20230508 perpetually at pfi.ROCKS

For more evidence against the Eviction Scam component of this crime syndicate, view Justice Ryan Bell‘s VIS page.

Moore’s first book idea “How I Bullied the Bully out of my Husband” + an excerpt from Moore’s 2013 experience with the industry that is “Sick-mind Fraud”.