Status of Ontario-based, court-enabled legal quagmire & other items: NRPS & CAS to be added

So-called “Family Court” aka “DACC Attack!”: How to circumvent Canada’s Divorce Act & the Criminal Code of Canada”

ID# Date of Application Title Damages Sought Link to C.R. Bar-positioned accomplice(s) Bench-positioned accomplice(s) Most Recent Update/Attempt




FC-15-2446 Kiska v. Moore








Criminal Court

where the term “domestic violence” is redefined by the terms Trafficking, Torture & Terror

$ unlimited


Continuing Record (partial) List numerous Syndicate- positioned attorneys and Crown prosecutors: better yet, just look them all up at List numerous Syndicate- positioned judiciary officials: better yet, just look them all up at Seeking financial relief: Kiska, Hess & Courthouse re: Motion to Amend > 20231015 still no response

Seeking emotional relief: Mummy-dearest (Kathleen Marie Moore, née Dunleavy of Belfast, Ireland) and John Kiska’s Bell Baker LLP-positioned accomplices & their limitless cruelty as they continue their descendance into sociopathy (aka demonic possession).

no response to 20231014 request expected

Previous 202305 effort for Sean’s 17th birthday simply evidenced more intentional torture and child abuse.

Want more? Just ask.

Seeking legal assistance: Legal Aid Ontario, where little is put into writing & applicants are forced to agree not to record anything (how convenient). Must be a new rule, as I recorded everything the first time around (but need to fix the links).

Certificate #xxxxxxx issued: attempting to secure an attorney who’ll write it.

Seeking files for multiple purposes: Updated copy of complete continuing record for #FC-15-2446 so I may provide it to LAO-funded attorney

no response expected


* This evidence will also be used for ODSP application re: parameters required to avoid another abuse-induced psychotic break with tens of thousands of dollars funneled through OHIP to a for-profit hospital such as The Ottawa Hospital or equivalent.

So-called “civil” branch of Ontario’s Super-I [or court of just-us]

ID# Date of Claim Title Damages Sought Link to Statement of Claim Bar-positioned accomplice(s) Bench-positioned accomplice(s) Most Recent Update/Attempt
02 20190124 Deirdre Moore v. Victor Vallance Blais LLP $ 3,000,000+ CV-19-79074  (.pdf only, html version not yet available) Cavanagh LLPs

Susanne Sviergula

FName LName

Sally Gomery

(recused on 20yymmdd and replaced by Ryan Bell)

I need to draft, serve and file my Motion materials (& my fee waiver request) in order to seek leave to appeal SCJ-positioned Sally Gomery‘s illegal and unlawful orders that did zero but delay justice, ignore crime and financially reward the perpetrators. On 20230921, consent to appeal was denied by said perpetrators … obviously. What.. A.. Racket.














Deirdre Moore vs. Dr Paule Kemgni

The first crooked Quebec-based psychiatrist: Paule Kemgni


Deirdre Moore vs. Jonathan Kiska (to be amended in due course)

Kiska himself as the provider of “Evidence of Moore’s Mental Illness” for Kemgni’s scandalous 20190408 NCR opinion

$    500,000






$   500,000

PQ 760-17-006260-221 






Anne Tardif

François Guay-Racine

Celeste Perrault-Levesque


Likely Charlotte Watson (who helped Kiska escape his part in the 2019 Eviction Scam, that I still need to appeal)

Heather Williams


FName LName




Heather Williams


FName LName

Delayed by Kemgni’s accomplices at Gowlings WLG and McCarthy Tétrault, again as they continue to pad her defence with falsified documents and or material laden with errors, omissions &/or malicious obfuscation. Awaiting the date of their TPR motion so I can add in my requests for records from Leclerc Laval, the CAS and others.


On hold until:

  • wrap up of Kemgni above or
  • ?20231030?, whichever comes first, when I appeal the Gomery, Williams, Bell and (possibly) Fortier decisions.




Deirdre Moore v. Kahldoon Habib Allah et al.*

*the ficticious landlord

$    500,000




Kelli Day

Chirstopher Moore

Diego Fernandez-Stolls (now with MAG!! His reward??)

Michael Swindley

Charlotte Watson

Ryan Bell


(arguably, Sally Gomery)

To be appealed & on hold until:

  • wrap up of Kemgni above or
  • ?20231030?, whichever comes first, when I appeal the Gomery, Williams, and (possibly) Fortier decisions.



Deirdre Moore v. [Calum MacLeod] (Senior judge for SCJ East)

$ 1,003,500 +






This action was never served as I learned that career-criminal judges have immunity and cannot be sued; hopefully, however, they can be arrested. Meet piece-of-work, Calum MacLeod.







The biggest gang in Ottawa: Ottawa Police Services Board

… & their lawlessness to avoid liability

$ 10,200,000 +






Michelle Doody

Trevor Tynan

Crystal Murphy 

Jessy Whale 

Sylvia Corthorn

Marie T. Fortier

20230131  on hold due to their anti-Charter, retaliatory maneuvre (a vexatious Application)

20230916  Trying to schedule a cross-examination due by 20231130 and complete my third-party records Motion materials (to be heard 20240104); however, the sociopaths at BLG LLP have thus far refused to reply.





The Two Shysters: Joe Addelman & Gonen Snir


$ 3,000,000




Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLPs

Craig O’Brien

Caitlin LName

Nathan LName

and Gardiner Roberts LLP’s

James Cook & Delila B.

Sylvia Corthorn

Marie T. Fortier

Awaiting endorsement from 20230801 Motion heard by SCJ-positioned Marie T. Fortier

84 days and counting (as of 20231023) this should be available ?next week?

(I hope she’s not waiting for a Karaoke Cover: so far, she’s only been gifted a limerick: “The T Stands for for Thug“.)

08 202310xx The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa $ 10,000,000 + not yet fully drafted .. insert list of ?15? judges 20231103  Awaiting complete, unredacted records to complete Statement of Claim: taxpayer-funded, career-criminal Brian Fisher doesn’t seem want me to have them.
09 202310xx Galarneau & Associates $ 1,000,000 + not yet drafted

(I guess they didn’t like my “offer to settle”)

.. .. 20231103  This will be originated next week, same time as CAS action.
10 202404xx Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General (still committing torts and crime; so, no Statute of Limitations issue yet) $ 50,000,000 (MAG can simply cross-claim against CAS, BellBaker, Galarneau, Snir & TOH, Kemgni, Royal MHC) and recover full amount not yet fully drafted



w-i-p Screenplay version

.. insert list of ?10? judges
  • 20231101  required 60-days’ Notice provided ✔️ 
  • 20231103  still collecting evidence
11 TBD Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (still committing torts and crime via Gail Yenta Beck; so, no Statute of Limitations issue yet) $ 20,000,000 + not yet drafted .. .. 20231103  Still collecting evidence, ROMHC legal department not yet informed of Beck’s crimes and torts.
12 TBD Bell Baker LLP (still committing torts and crime via Cheryl Hess & Katherine Ghadaksaz; so, no Statute of Limitations issue yet) $ 9,000,000 + not yet drafted .. insert list of ?15? judges 20231019  Still collecting evidence, still married to John Kiska who is still abusing me, Sean & Cate.